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2011-04-08 04:54 pm

Is this thing on?

Just checking... sometimes I debate about bringing my whole journal over, but sometimes it seems like some things are meant to be ephemera.
What do you think?
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2010-09-05 04:42 am

Is it wrong...

that I hear that the FBI has got the blowout preventer in the Gulf and I think that that would make an awesome Numbers fic?
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2010-05-27 04:00 am
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What else?

The Big Show rocks. Love it. Too bad politics *doesn't* turn Dan Patrick's crank...I believe his take on it would be more interesting than following Matthews or Fineman through approximately their eleventh millionth election cycle.
Sometimes I wish it didn't turn my crank so much either.
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2010-05-02 01:15 pm

Thanks to everyone

who extended access to this thing and made me remember I still have it. I guess it's good to dust off passwords and stuff now and then, even if I'm not really the type to cross-post all that much
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2009-05-02 01:28 pm
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well, I'm here...

Right now, I picture this as sort of a port in a storm, so I'm kinda "keeping one in the chamber" by having it. But, you never know. I may discover a new use for it or something.
At the moment, though, I wouldn't expect very frequent updates.